Discretionary management mandate

delegated management while being kept informed


- Professional & Individualized Portfolio Management, Based on a Risk & Investment Profile established for each client


- The Risk & Investment Profile is established after thourough discussion with the client to best match the Client’s objectives, risk tolerance and financial situation - Regular adaptations are possible in order to fit market’s evolution and/or a change in the Client’s situation, needs or objectives


- Instant Decision Making & Personalized Investment Scheme – in accordance with the Client Risk & Investment Profile, timeliness and consistence with Market Conditions


- Decision & Execution of trades, unless requested by the client



Advisory mandate

for clients willing to play an active role in managing their assets


- Investment Advice and Ideas, Risk Management Advice


- Access to the latest prices, quotes and the Best Investment Resesearch from recognized reliable sources


- Advice on Offerings and Corporate Actions

Execution of trades


- Audit and monitoring of all bank transactions, fees and commissions


- Portfolio consolidation & personalized reporting



Supervisory mandate

supervision and monitoring of your assets


- Another pair of eyes on your global assets and investment strategy


- Audit and monitoring of all bank transactions, fees and commissions


- Consolidation of all portfolios & personalized reporting - for a broad outlook and a better understanding of your investments and global wealth.



Services offered

- International Bank Account Opening

- Portfolio Monitoring, Audit of all Transactions, Consolidation & Reporting

- Research and follow up of financial products

- Taylor-made financial products

- Negociation for Loans (Mortgage, Lombards, fixed term loans, etc.) and Fiduciary Deposits

- Intermediation for linked services (Tax & legacy counselling, Foundations, Trusts, etc.)

through trusted specialized partners

- 3 types of mandates: Discretionary, Advisory and Supervisory



Thanks to its independence and extensive expertise

NeoCapital offers numerous and noticeable Advantages


Team of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals, services available in 5 languages

English, Russian, Hebrew, French, German

Independence and Transparency

No exclusive relationships, No hidden fees. Investments and third party suppliers are selected independently, to match clients best interests, risk ability and objectives

Global Opportunities, Priviledged Access,

Substantial Cost Reduction

- Access to a wide range of High Quality Custodian Banks operating worldwide: Best execution Standard and Services with significant cost reduction and continued direct contact

- Benefit from Global Networking and Investment Opportunities

- Access to Institutional class investments even below the minimum denomination


Ownership and control garanteed

Only the Client is allowed to make withdrawals and wire transfers (except for service fee)

Contact us

18 Rue Verdaine      1204 Geneva     

[email protected]      T +41 22 312 26 26      F +41 22 312 28 28



Located in the heart of Geneva, NeoCapital SA is a Swiss wealth management company specialized in asset protection and construction and management of customized portfolios

Independence and expertise at your service

Outstanding Service

& Personalized approach

To serve you, we activate our world-class network of

top-tier service providers - in Switzerland and abroad – we work with in an open architecture, for total independence.


Providing access to the most prestigious depositary banks, as well as the best fund managers and financial products, allowing you to benefit from services and investments which suit your specific requirements.

Thanks to our structure, we can offer you a personalized approach, based on trust and discretion. The privileged relationship we build with you allows us to be reactive to changes in market and regulatory framework, with the sole objective of protecting your interests.


NeoCapital S.A. is registered in Geneva as a wealth management company and is regulated by AOOS (the supervisory body for Asset Managers), under the supervision of the Swiss Financial Market Authority (FINMA). NeoCapital is also an active member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM).